Oil & Gas hardware Technology: Investors


To obtain a list of the top 10 investors in Oil & Gas hardware/software technology/startups and identifying the best partners at each firm for potential investments with our company and contact details. To obtain a list of their last 3 deals, how much the investment firm has raised for their last round of funding, if they are raising a new round of capital, how much dry powder they may have, when their last deal was made, if they are actively searching to make new deals, contact information for the CEO's of the last 3 investments they've made, what type of companies they typically invest in (software, hardware, etc).

Early Findings


  • According to Oil and Gas in the Middle East, the top innovative startups to watch out for include Syzygy Plasmonics, Sensorfield, TOKU, LaserStream, Lift ETC, Ondaka, Ingu Solutions, Dark Vision, Oliasoft, and Cemvita Factory.
  • This research was able to identify the top grossing startups. According to Crunchbase, the top oil and gas startups include m1neral, Gas Pos, Voltus, Zeopore Technologies, and PetroDE.
  • Using this information, we were able to identify the most recent investors in these large startups.


  • Merus Capital
    • This company has invested in the Gas Pos, an oil and gas startup.
  • Prelude Ventures
    • This company has invested in the PetroDE, an oil and gas startup.
  • Innovation Fund
  • Gemma Frisius Fund
  • Catamount Ventures
    • Catamount Ventures has made 66 investments and 10 lead investments.
    • Modumetal raised $14M in Jan 29, 2019. This was their most recent investment.
    • This company has invested in the PetroDE, an oil and gas startup.

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