Graduation Commencement Market: Canada


To identify the market size (student population and revenue) of the graduation commencement market in Canada.

Early Findings

  • According to government statistics, the number of graduates in 2015 is as follows. For comparison purposes, we will consider the statistics for 2015, which was the latest available year that the information was available for each category.
- Public school: 348,231
- Private school: 35,946
- College: 148,100
- Bachelor's: 203,700
- Master's: 62,800
- Doctorate: 5,700
  • Based on the above statistics, the graduation commencement market size based on the student population amounts to 804,477.
  • According to the Canada College website, the cost of complete academic attire (cap, gown, tassel) for graduation is approximately $50+tax.
  • While academic attire only accounts for only a portion of the market, due to limited data available on this topic, we can assume that the Canadian graduation commencement market size has a minimum valuation of around $40.2 million (804,477*50).

Proposed next steps:

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