Healthcare Trends for Non-profits


To establish some trends in healthcare marketing related to non-profits.

Early Findings

Tailoring Marketing Campaigns for Different Segments

  • When creating a marketing strategy for a non-profit, it is important to acknowledge the various segments of supporters that can raise money for a given cause.
  • In some instances, marketers will be faced with different segments that look similar as they are closely aligned when it comes to fundraising goals, but independent on how they operate within a healthcare setting. In such cases, it is advisable to strategize on multiple marketing campaigns under the same banner.

Using Creative Measures to Encourage Registrations

  • Healthcare marketing, just like any other sector, requires a special and creative approach to encourage as many registrations as possible.
  • Some creative measures may include providing incentives such as pre-race t-shirts, for people who sign up. Currently, most event organizers have adopted a trend that provides special incentives to participants once the event is done, while others provide incentives before and after the event.

Social Media

Proposed next steps:

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