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Kohler Company Analysis


Determine the business goals, products, forecasts, and priorities of Kohler, a home design company, based on available reports and statements from the company leadership team. The information will be used for a business pitch.

Early Findings

Kohler Company Analysis

  • Kohler considers itself as a top player in the kitchen and bath industry.
  • Its products include bathroom, kitchen, and lighting fixtures.
  • It aims to be a pioneering force in "design, craftsmanship, and innovation."
  • The company also aims to improve the lifestyle of the current and the next generations.
  • Kohler has also put in place a sustainability plan that can help the company minimize any negative impact on the environment.
  • It also plans on continuing to perform socially-responsible action plans.
  • According to David Kohler, president and CEO of Kohler Co., the company is also committed to manufacturing products that will shape the future of sustainability.
  • The company also aims to support regulations that can help in protecting the country's water supply.
  • As part of Kohler's social impact priorities, the company aims to continuously work on determining opportunities for reusing production waste to reduce its waste-to-landfill ratio.
  • Kohler is also continuing its work on addressing the worldwide demand for access to clean water under the Safe Water for All initiative.
  • The company is also focusing on its "Innovation for Good (IfG) innovation incubator" that aims to develop and deploy "sustainable business solutions" to deal with some of the world's critical concerns on "water safety, sanitation, and reliable power."

Proprietary Research Available

We found some proprietary research from one of our data partners which may be helpful:
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Summary of Findings:

  • Our one hour of research provided some of Kohler's business goals, products, forecasts, and priorities of Kohler based on available reports and statements from the company leadership team.
  • However, exact figures were not available as the company is privately held.

Proposed next steps:

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