Retail Loyalty Program Advertising


To understand how physical retail stores advertise and talk about loyalty and credit card programs. This is specific to physical in-store advertising strategies at fashion retail stores and how these are deployed on the floor through client interactions and incentives.

Early Findings

American Eagle Outfitters

  • American Eagle Outfitters has expanded its loyalty program for the first time to include teens and young adults. Many of their marketing campaigns focus on body positivity (especially for young women) and a diverse range of models have been featured in campaigns.
  • Apps related to earning in-store rewards have become popular in recent years. The AE app rewards customers when they complete in-store activities. This in-store interaction has generated positive traffic.



  • Customer-centrism is at the core of Sephora’s successful loyalty program. Sephora not only concentrates on discounts but also aims to delight and surprise the members of its loyalty program with deals and discounts tailored to the individual member, leading to greater trust in the brand.
  • The strategy of extending the benefits of the loyalty program to include the member’s friends and involve experiences such as group makeovers leads to interest from customers outside of the program’s membership.

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