Research Proposal

University of Phoenix


To understand the University of Phoenix's standing as a key player in the online education sector today. Provide information about the school's health as a business, enrollment numbers, any recent innovations it has made, and how it ranks against competitors in this space. In addition, include any recent media mentions. Do NOT include the following information as it is already known: 1) details about the school's early rise within the online education sector, 2) its challenges as a for-profit business, and 3) the backlash it has struggled with. Research will be used to identify linear TV advertising prospects.

Early Findings

During this first hour of research, we were able to find enrollment numbers and general information about how the University of Phoenix ranks as an academic institution. The school is ranked #1,644 out of 1,727 schools nationwide and #19 out of 20 schools in Arizona. We were not able to identify how it ranks against its competitors specifically, though this information could likely be found with continued research.

University of Phoenix

  • University of Phoenix's total enrollment was 97,200 in 2018. 10,200 students were working towards an associate's degree, 67,700 were working towards a bachelor's degree, 16,700 were working towards a master's degree, and 2,600 were working towards their doctorate.
  • The school reached a milestone of 1 million alumni in 2018.
  • It "hosted a Comprehensive Evaluation Visit from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC)" last year to confirm that it "continues to meet all criteria for accreditation."
  • A December 2019 MarketWatch article states that the University of Phoenix has reached a settlement in its ad fraud dispute with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The school will pay $50 million in fines and "cancel $141 million in student debt." This lawsuit appears to be the central narrative around the school in terms of recent media coverage.

Proprietary Research

We found some proprietary research from one of our data partners which may be helpful:

The US Postsecondary Online Education Market: Size, Trends and Forecasts 2019-2023 (Daedal Research, $850.00)
Section 6.4 — Apollo Global Management, Apollo Education Group ($108.49)
Section 6.5 — Apollo Education Group ($239.13)

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