Instagram in Germany


Provide insight into how Germans use Instagram and how businesses in Germany use the platform. Specifically, for businesses, identify the content mix and channel logistics (posting time, language, hashtag usage, etc) that resonate best with Germans.

Early Findings

User Insights

  • 9% of Germans use Instagram at least once per week. However, 41% of German internet users reported using the platform at least once ever.
  • Of Instagram users in Germany, 97% reported using the app every month, while 90% use it weekly and 62% use it daily.
  • German Instagram users are generally under the age of 30.
  • Only 43% of Germans consider the information found on Instagram to be trustworthy.
  • The typical Instagram user in Germany is a male between the ages of 25-34.
  • Instagram use in Germany is growing.
  • Instagram is also very popular with Gen Z in Germany.

Business Insights

  • In general, experts recommend that a social media strategy specific to Germany should focus on building trust and credibility, focus on the quality and ability of products instead of price, and incorporate traditional PR. Additionally, experts recommend posting content in German and having Germany-specific accounts.
  • Consumers in Germany are looking for authentic content and enjoy the use of Stories on Instagram.
  • In fact, as of "July 2017, half of all companies in Germany which are on Instagram have experimented with Stories — a high degree of market penetration."
  • Data from the statistics aggregation platform, TagsFinder, shows that some of the most frequently used hashtags used on Instagram posts in Germany include #germany, #love, #berlin, #instagood, and #photography. This shows some words in English are constantly used as hashtags.

Case Studies

  • YouTube and Netflix are the most popular German-based technology brands on Instagram, making them possible brands to study for best practices.
  • Mimi Rasch is the most popular Germany-based Instagram influencer, making him a possible influencer to study for best practices.
  • DM Deutschland is the most popular German-based retail brand on Instagram, making them a possible brand to study for best practices.
  • bibisbeautypalace is also a very popular German Instagram account, making her a possible brand to study for best practices.

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