Numismatics Search Key Terms


Determine the key terms that people are searching for around numismatics, as well as those that are bringing them to the and websites. The information will be used to develop the content of a website.

Early Findings

  • For, the top five organic keywords that drive people to the site are the following: "ngc" - 2.42%; "1959 mexico 20 peso gold coin value" - 0.54%; "1959 mexican 5 peso coin" - 0.54%; "ngc price guide" - 0.54%; and "ngc verify" - 0.44%.
  • For, the top five organic keywords that drive people to the site are the following: "pmg banknotes tier" - 7.82%; "pmg currency" - 6.16%; "fancy serial number checker" - 5.49%; "pmg" - 4.46%; and "pmg price guide" - 4.40%.

  • As per the search chart in Google Trends, the keywords that people are searching around numismatics include the following: "numismatic, park avenue numismatics, numismatic definition, numismatica USA, what is numismatics, legend numismatics, california numismatics, numismatic, numismatic definition, numismatist definition."
  • The most searched related coin or banknote-related search topics around "Numismatics" are the following: "coin-topic - 100%; United States Dollar - Currency - 24%; mint - facility - 13%; dollar coin - United States - 10%; coin collecting - 9%; collecting - 9%; penny - United States coin - 9%; currency - 7%; coin grading 7%; mint mark - 3%; Kennedy half dolar - 2%; token coin - 2%; commemorative coin - 2%."
In addition to this public search, we scanned our proprietary research database of over 1 million sources and were unable to find any specific research reports that address your goals.

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