Research Outline

Los Angeles Modeling Agencies


Identify a list of modeling the best agencies in Los Angeles that specialize in or have a division for models who are male and 40+ and pay well. Details to provide include agency name, website link, why they are among the best, what they specialize in, how to apply, and contact information [if available]. Agencies should be similar to Cocaine Models (

Early Findings


  • In our initial findings, we were able to confirm that Cocaine Models is among the most popular Los Angeles agencies that have a division for models over 40. In addition, we were able to confirm Wilhelmina as another top agency that accepts men over 40. For each company identified, we ensured that they are considered a top through cross-referencing credible media sources, have a division for models over 40, work with male models, and are located in Los Angeles. We have provided a sample of the details for the first 2 companies below.
  • Due to the complex requirements for each agency including a niche division (40+) and ensuring they are among the "best," we believe that finding the companies will be time-consuming and, therefore, require deep research.

Cocaine Models

  • Website:
  • Specialty: Models 13-16, Models over 30, and Models over 40
  • How To Apply: Applicants will begin by submitting an application through the company website which will include the applicant's measurements and up to six photos of the applicant. These photos can be taken with a smartphone with natural lighting. The applicant will then come into the agency for an interview. The company has guides for each step on their website.