Research Proposal

Reopening of the US Economy


To provide a few examples of messages about the reopening of the US economy by states other than New York.

Early Findings

  • On Friday, April 24, the State of Georgia announced that it will be loosening the restrictions around self isolation and business closure.
  • Gov. Brian Kemp announced that nail salons, massage therapists, bowling alleys and gyms can open on Friday, April 24, while restaurants and movie theaters can resume operations on Monday, April 27. Church services were also allowed to resume from Friday, April 24.
  • Oklahoma also allowed salons, spas and barbershops to reopen on April 24.
  • Alaska has gone even further, allowing restaurants to resume dine-in service and retail shops and other businesses to open their doors as well.
  • The Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson also announced on Wednesday, April 22, that restaurants could potentially reopen on April 29 while beauty salons can reopen on May 1.
  • President Donald Trump has also announced a specific 3-step plan that has been presented to all the governors for reopening the economy.
  • The new guidelines will encourage easing restrictions in areas with low transmission of the coronavirus while still maintaining hold of areas that are most touched by the virus.
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