Research Outline

Social Networks/Online Communities For Investors


To provide a list of institutional investor networks or retail investor network to include the name, website link, one-sentence description, audience, and approximate size.

Early Findings

Two social networks/online communities that exist for investors include Keiretsu Connect and Max Capital Management.

Keiretsu Connect

Max Capital Management (MCM)

  • A website link to MCM is provided herein.
  • Max Capital Management enables individuals to connect with other experienced investors, learning from them, and having access to the latest global project opportunities.
  • The company launched the "Global Investment Community (GIC) on 15 March 2016 and presently manages over 5,000 members globally with an experienced global team dedicated to managing a knowledge-sharing platform about investing and finding more opportunities worldwide."
  • MCM specializes in bringing business and property investors together.
  • The company manages up to $10 billion in project value globally and is present in over 20 countries globally, including the United States and the United Kingdom.
  • MCM claims to have over 6,000 satisfied clients globally and have organized more than 400 events.