LPR-FMCG Category and Customer Evolution


To develop detailed insights around LPR positioning, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) category involvement, key FMCG customers (including geographic location and timeline of customer acquisition) and service providers timeline to develop a deep understanding of a key competitor.

Early Findings

  • La Palette Rouge (LPR) supplies pallets to the FMCG industry in 15 European countries.
  • The company expanded into Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG in 1997, and re-focused their efforts on FMCG in 2003.
  • They operate in five key FMCG categories, including beverages, fruits and vegetables, hygienics, grocery, and fast food.
  • Quality, process simplicity, experience, and sustainability are key elements of their positioning.
  • Fourteen new FMCG client contracts were signed in 2019, including brands such as Florette, Aston Manor Cider, Yew Tree Dairy, and Butcher's Pet Care.
  • LPR has a network of 125 pallet distributors in western Europe, who manage delivery, collection, sorting and repairs.
  • LPR is highly focused on sustainable growth, ensuring their network and pallet pool meet achieve the highest standards for safety, health and hygiene.
Early research indicates there is substantial information available about FMCG customer acquisition and LPR positioning. We were unable to uncover detailed information about LPRs pallet service provider, transport, and manufacturer network and timeline in early research, though we did find higher level information outlining LPR quality and sustainability standards for their pallet distribution network.

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