Research Outline

Account-Based Marketing Trends


Determine key trends in the account-based marketing space that are relevant to Madison Logic's offerings and business strategy.

Early Findings

Account-Based Marketing Trends

  • Based on a marketing study on observed trends in the industry, the increasing need to veer away from "disruptive messaging" through improved alignment of "account-based advertising (ABA) and account-based sales (ABS)" is driving new opportunities in the industry.
  • Businesses are now moving into account-based strategies to align their sales and marketing approach.
  • Innovations in marketing technologies are also making account-based marketing services to be more cost-effective.
  • Strategic account-based marketing methods are also being adopted more due to the increasing demand for concentrating more on target individuals and bigger accounts inside the company.
  • The IT and telecommunications sector is also showing significant leaps in the account-based marketing space due to the increasing need to offer enhanced IT-powered solutions to clients and the requirement to generate huge data volumes for their rapidly-expanding subscriber base.
  • The government and public services sector is also increasingly adopting account-based marketing strategies as part of their goal of increasing client satisfaction levels through the use of the right account-based management tools.