Research Outline

Madison Logic's Key Competitors


To obtain informatio on the competitive analysis (product/service offerings and customer bases) of Madison Logic's key competitors; Radius, Demandbase, Infer, Engagio, Leadspace

Early Findings

Radius Inc.

  • The company offers products and services in the following areas; big data analysis, SaaS, B2B marketing, customer insights, predictive marketing, AI, omnichannel, B2B data, marketing software data science, sales operations, marketing operations, and customer data platform
  • Some of Radius’ customers include Comcast, Sam’s Club, DexYP, and Square, among others.


  • Demandbase provides solutions and services in various areas, including B2B marketing, marketing, account-based marketing, B2B sales, company-targeted advertising, web optimization, web analytics, personalization, targeting, web personalization, account-based advertising, display advertising, and b2b programmatic advertising.
  • Some of Demandbase’s customers include Panasonic, SMASHFLY, JLL, Site improve, Molex, Optymyze, RENESAS, Broadridge, Apigee, AUTODESK, GRAINGER, Adobe, DocuSign, SAP Ariba, Motorolla, and Service Max among others


  • Infer’s products and services portfolio includes sales intelligence, predictive scoring, predictive behavior scoring, predictive lead generation, account-based marketing, predictive sales, predictive marketing, artificial intelligence, AI, machine learning, and data science.
  • Some of Infer’s customers include Prezi, Jobvite, ShoreTel, ZipRecruiter, Socialtables, Belly, Booker, InsightSquared, Walkme, and Hostanalytics, among others.


  • Engagio provides products and solutions in the areas of account-based marketing, demand generation, account-based sales development, B2B marketing, marketing operations, and marketing analytics,
  • Engagio’s customers include Snowflake, APPDYNAMICS, Docker, Onage, Trend Micro, Pendo, Coupa, New Relic, Naplan, PLURALSIGHT and Jda


  • Products offered by Terminus are as include an ABM platform, account hub, account-based advertising, and sales insights account-based analytics,
  • Terminus customers include Snowflake, Masergy, Pramata, Phononic, SalesLoft, and Thomson Reuters, among others.