Madison Logic's Key Competitors


To obtain informatio on the competitive analysis (product/service offerings and customer bases) of Madison Logic's key competitors; Radius, Demandbase, Infer, Engagio, Leadspace

Early Findings

Radius Inc.

  • The company offers products and services in the following areas; big data analysis, SaaS, B2B marketing, customer insights, predictive marketing, AI, omnichannel, B2B data, marketing software data science, sales operations, marketing operations, and customer data platform
  • Some of Radius’ customers include Comcast, Sam’s Club, DexYP, and Square, among others.


  • Demandbase provides solutions and services in various areas, including B2B marketing, marketing, account-based marketing, B2B sales, company-targeted advertising, web optimization, web analytics, personalization, targeting, web personalization, account-based advertising, display advertising, and b2b programmatic advertising.
  • Some of Demandbase’s customers include Panasonic, SMASHFLY, JLL, Site improve, Molex, Optymyze, RENESAS, Broadridge, Apigee, AUTODESK, GRAINGER, Adobe, DocuSign, SAP Ariba, Motorolla, and Service Max among others


  • Infer’s products and services portfolio includes sales intelligence, predictive scoring, predictive behavior scoring, predictive lead generation, account-based marketing, predictive sales, predictive marketing, artificial intelligence, AI, machine learning, and data science.
  • Some of Infer’s customers include Prezi, Jobvite, ShoreTel, ZipRecruiter, Socialtables, Belly, Booker, InsightSquared, Walkme, and Hostanalytics, among others.


  • Engagio provides products and solutions in the areas of account-based marketing, demand generation, account-based sales development, B2B marketing, marketing operations, and marketing analytics,
  • Engagio’s customers include Snowflake, APPDYNAMICS, Docker, Onage, Trend Micro, Pendo, Coupa, New Relic, Naplan, PLURALSIGHT and Jda


  • Products offered by Terminus are as include an ABM platform, account hub, account-based advertising, and sales insights account-based analytics,
  • Terminus customers include Snowflake, Masergy, Pramata, Phononic, SalesLoft, and Thomson Reuters, among others.

Proposed next steps:

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During the hour, we managed to find each of the competitors' products and service offerings. However, due to time restrictions, we could not go further ahead to make a comparison. As such, we recommend a look at the competitors' offerings (vs) Madison Logic's (identifying what the competitor offers and Madison does not, and vice versa), while also focusing on key differentiating factors and competitive advantage for each of the competitors.
We could also perform a SWOT analysis to identify Madison Logic's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the market.