Madison Logic SWOT


Obtain an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) of the Madison Logic company. The information will be used for a marketing pitch.

Early Findings

Madison Logic SWOT Analysis



  • Based on verified top reviews, the platform's method of disclosing content does not have the needed impact on the system as some sites typically do not completely share content.
  • Some verified reviewers mentioned that the list of prospects that were given by Madison Logic was not real and did not result in successful meetings.
  • Some clients also mentioned that the platform has too many options and is not user-friendly.


Threat s

  • Inferred threats to the company's business can come from its competitors who are already adept at handling smaller businesses as Madison Logic is fairly new to this space.
  • The company's business can also be impacted by negative reviews from actual clients if not addressed.

Customer Base Differences

Proposed next steps:

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Our one-hour of research work provided a SWOT analysis for the Madison Logic company and some of its similarities and differences with the given competitors. Given that there are available resources on this, we propose continuing the research to provide additional insights into the SWOT analysis of the company.
We also recommend proceeding with the research to identify additional 2-3 similarities and 2-3 differences between Madison Logic and each of the given competitors: Radius, Demandbase, Infer, Engagio, and Leadspace.