Research Outline

Madison Logic SWOT


Obtain an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) of the Madison Logic company. The information will be used for a marketing pitch.

Early Findings

Madison Logic SWOT Analysis



  • Based on verified top reviews, the platform's method of disclosing content does not have the needed impact on the system as some sites typically do not completely share content.
  • Some verified reviewers mentioned that the list of prospects that were given by Madison Logic was not real and did not result in successful meetings.
  • Some clients also mentioned that the platform has too many options and is not user-friendly.


Threat s

  • Inferred threats to the company's business can come from its competitors who are already adept at handling smaller businesses as Madison Logic is fairly new to this space.
  • The company's business can also be impacted by negative reviews from actual clients if not addressed.

Customer Base Differences