Research Outline

Online Candy Shops


To determine the main online candy shops in the US and Canadian markets to indicate the non-utilized space in the online candy sales market.

Early Findings

  • The following companies are the largest candy companies in the U.S. Market with an online presence: Hersey, Mars, Mendelez International, Tootsie Roll Industries, Jelly Bean Candy Company, and Nestle SA. The Candy Production industry is characterized by a moderate level of market share concentration, with the top four players expected to account for 46.8% of sales. With a share of roughly 30% in 2018, Hershey led the U.S. confectionery market, and was closely followed by top competitor Mars, at just under 30%. Besides chocolate, the U.S. confectionery industry also produces non-chocolate candy. In 2019, this specific segment generated about $5.5 billion U.S. dollars’ in sales in the United States.
  • Except for Hersey, the Candy Production industry in Canada's market follows suit to the U.S. market with the addition of Kerr Brothers Limited. The Candy Production industry in Canada has a low level of concentration, with the four largest industry operators accounting for 32.2% of industry revenue. Revenue in the Confectionery segment in Canada amounts to US $9,438 million (2020). The market is expected to grow annually by 1.8% to 20205. In comparison, most sales revenue is generated in the United States online candy sales market at $176,013 million forecast by 2020.
  • A list of the top 15 online candy stores in the U.S. and Canadian markets is found on BuzzFeed and is provided in a google spreadsheet. Candy Fun House, Candy, Just Candy, and IT'Sugar Candy Store should be included in this list as most popular in the Canadian Market.

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