Baby Products and Accessory Market (US)


To provide a list of main players (Munchkin's competitors) in the US baby products and accessories market as well as how they are reaching moms. To determine what key messages resonate with target parents and provide an outline of their user journey.

Early Findings



Proposed next steps:

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As the initial hour of research provided the main players in this market segment, we recommend continuing research into how they are targeting moms and parents in general with their marketing tactics and strategies. Each request will look at 2 players together with their recent revenue, an overview of their marketing strategy, key messages, and any recent campaigns within the last 2 years.
We can also continue research to provide a user journey for consumers of baby products and accessories in the US. If this is unavailable, we will focus on key points of the consumer journey such as awareness, key messages, and purchase motivations as available.