Major Brands - Using content to drive subscriptions


How major brands in the US entertainment media, healthcare, finance, and automotive sectors are using content to drive subscriptions to their services.

Early Findings


Original Content

  • Netflix is one of the top brands that uses content to drive subscription.
  • One of the ways Netflix does this, is by investing in enough original content to market itself.
  • Netflix has a high budget for original content. Annually, it gets new subscribers due to this.
  • Popular shows like Elite and Stranger Things are original series by Netflix. When the new season of Stranger Things came out a few months ago, it trended on all social media platforms and was watched by over 40 million accounts in four days.

Timed Content


  • Not only can users watch Netflix through a computer, it can be used on any mobile device including a smartphone and tablet.
  • Most of its users are millennials and gen zers and these generations are known as the smartphone generations, Netflix appeals to them by offering its content on mobile devices.


  • Netflix uses bug data to study and predict the behavior of its subscribers.
  • The brand "tracks your browsing behavior; what time you watch content; when you pause, rewind or fast-forward; and what kind of content is viewed on which day. "
  • Through this, it knows what kind of content users want and creates them. For example, they spent around $100 million on House of Cards because they knew it would appeal to certain audiences.

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