Research Outline

Contemporary Prefab Modular Housing


To obtain a spreadsheet that the provides the names of the major builders in the contemporary prefab modular housing market in the mid-Atlantic region of the US, specifically the Philadelphia metro area, for 2018 and 2019. Additionally, obtain the price per square foot, lead times to deliver, consumer ratings, contact information, revenue, market cap, and profits for each.

Early Findings

  • Prefab Review posted an article that outlines the process for building prefab and modular homes in Philadelphia. The article includes a spreadsheet that estimates the costs for three areas of the greater Philadelphia.
  • According to Prefab Review, six reputable companies that serve the Philly market are Icon Legacy, Mid-Atlantic Timber Frames, Brightbuilt Homes, Module, Resolution: 4 Architecture, and Topsider Homes.
  • Although we could not find any references on the Toll Brothers site to them being a prefab or modular builder, we did find an article from 2019 that highlights as Toll Brothers as a company that has included factory-built components in their homes for decades. They have been named the #1 homebuilder worldwide for six years running on FORTUNE Magazine "World's Most Admired Companies®" list. For those reasons, they are being included.
  • Geppert Construction located in Redding, CT was found in the initial search, but there is no indication on the website that they do modular or prefab constructed homes.
  • A spreadsheet that will be used to provide the requested data has been created.

Summary of Findings

  • In our initial research, we were unable to find an existing list of the major prefab home builders in the Philadelphia, PA metro area. However, we did find some lists of builders to consider. In order to compile a list we will need to examine each builder and utilize revenue, number of houses, popularity, or some other metric to determine some "major" players. The metric used will be determined by data availability.
  • While we did find a Geppert Construction, we are not sure it is the one referenced in the initial request. If it is the correct one, there is no indication that they do prefab or modular construction. If there is a differnet Geppert Construction that should be considered, please provide the website link.
  • The initial request mentioned both the Philadelphia, PA region and the mid-Atlantic region. We focused on Philly in our initial research and the same region is used for the proposals below. If the broader mid-Atlantic region is desired, this would need to be explained in any response.