Challenges of Adoption and Foster Care Organizations


To gain a better understanding of the challenges adoption and foster care organizations face. Required information will focus on the top challenges around adoption and foster care, a description of each challenge, and any implacations these challenges have on the organization.

Early Findings

Foster Care
  • Agencies have a hard time managing familes and children in the foster care system due to large caseloads per worker, employee turnover, and a general lack of adequate resourcing.
  • The population of both present and past foster care participants show a higher level of behavioral and emotional disorders.
  • Foster care youth are prone to feeling as if they do not belong, and feel marginalized by peers and teachers in their placements.
  • Not only are there too few families to care for foster children, there are also too few social workers.
  • 1 in 5 foster care participants who age out of the system without a permanent adoptive family will become homeless.
  • Common challenges that arise in the adoption process are financial, legal, and intercountry requirements.
  • Reports are vague and do not always show the breakdown rate, but one study found that adoption breakdown for children over 9 was almost 60%, resulting in children returned back into the agencie's care.
  • In the United States, adoption law is state by state, ranging in time periods that a birth parent has to relinquish their rights. Adoptions can be reversed even after the adopted parents have taken the child.
  • Adoptions in the U.S. have declined immensely, and cause additional strain to adoption agencies.

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