Family Preservation Organisations


To identify the major challenges currently faced by family preservation organizations. The information will be used to position and brand a family preservation organization.

Early Findings

Challenges Facing Family Preservation Organizations

  • Designed to keep families together, family preservation organizations are family-focused services that are designed to improve parenting and the way a family functions by keeping the family together.
  • One of the ongoing issues for family preservation organizations is measuring the value of the services they provide.
  • More than 1.2 million children receive assistance in the US each year, about 400,000 are placed in foster care. Contracted services supply about 33% of foster care services and 59% of the family preservation services.
  • The absence of a common definition of what family preservation services offer has presented an ongoing challenge to them.
  • Ongoing issues around funding continue to be an issue for family preservation organizations.
  • One of the ongoing issues for family protective services is that the families do not seek the assistance of family preservation service voluntarily. This can make the services provided inding it difficult to engage them.


  • Our initial hour of research has provided some insights in the area. While there is information available, it is not considerable and will take some time to properly evaluate.

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