Non-Destructive Testing Inspection Market


Determine the major challenges and unmet needs within the non-destructive testing (NDT)/inspection market. Obtain information also on the major players who are influenced by these needs and insights on the market size.The information will be used to analyze the potential of a new handheld technology in this market.

Early Findings

Non-Destructive Testing Inspection Market

Global Market Size

NDT Major Player

NDT Challenges and Unmet Needs

  • One of the challenges that was encountered within the non-destructive testing/inspection market include the need for the working components to be cleaned prior and after the testing.
  • There is also a concern that the accuracy of the inspection results might be impacted by the surface characteristiccs of a material.
  • There were also a concern that the depth sizing done might not be enough.
  • Some NDT methods were limited only to non-porous surfaces.
  • Certain testing procedures need electricity to work.
  • Some results might also be negatively impacted by fluctuating magnetic permeability.
  • Furthermore, some NDT procedures can only be done on conductive materials.

Proprietary Research Available

We found some proprietary research from one of our data partners which may be helpful:
Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection Market (MarketsandMarkets, $5,650)
11.2 North America ($402.50)
Table 77 Non-destructive Testing and Inspection Market in North America, by Country, 2015–2024 ($230.00)
11.2.1 United States ($402.50)
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Summary of Findings

Our one hour of research provided the global size of the non-destructive testing (NDT)/inspection market. However, the U.S. market size is not publicly available and is behind paywalled reports.
We also presented some of the challenges and limitations of the current available NDT solutions.

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