Research Outline

Polish Family Trends


To understand changing family and lifestyle trends in Poland in order to guide the strategy of a polish food brand.

Early Findings

  • Poland youths are becoming increasingly conservative, with two-thirds of voters between 18 and 29 supporting parties to the right of the center for the first time in the 2015 parliamentary election.
  • The youth are increasingly embracing post-material values, including the church, security, and tradition.
  • They increasingly trust authorities, dream of marriage, and are increasingly patriotic.
  • Almost one-third of young poles state that they will give up personal freedom for more law and order.
  • One of the reasons young poles have embraced the conservative party is that Poland's income and economic situation has improved in recent years under the party.
  • Poland's unemployment rate in 2020 was 2.9%, the second-lowest in the EU. Hence, the country has gone from a country of emigration to a country that is increasingly attracting immigrants.
  • Many people in the EU are flocking to Poland in search of stable jobs and a chance to work with big companies.

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