Electronic Healthcare Records


To identify key players in the US electronic healthcare records (EHR) market. For each key player, provide its market share and target customers (i.e. hospitals, clinics, etc.). Research will be used as part of a market analysis and in the development of a tool that works with different EHRs.

Early Findings

During this initial hour of research, we were able to identify 16 key players in the US electronic healthcare records (EHR) market. We organized our findings in the attached spreadsheet.

US Electronic Healthcare Records Market

Key Players in the US Market

Summary of Findings

  • During this hour, we focused on finding key players in the US EHR market and creating the attached spreadsheet. For each company, we included a link to its website in column B and its headquarters location in column C.
  • In addition, we began searching for each company's annual revenue to calculate its market share. We recommend continued research to finish completing the attached spreadsheet.
  • Please note that except for Athenahealth, these are all private companies. This means that they are not required to publicly publish annual revenue, so we may not be able to find precise revenue information through such sources as corporate annual reports.
  • It might also be interesting to explore insights related to the advantages and disadvantages of using an EHR system.

Proposed next steps:

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We recommend additional research to continue completing the attached spreadsheet. We would find any available revenue information for each company listed in column A and calculate its market share using the total market size found during this hour of research. We would include this data in columns D and E respectively. We would also identify each company's target consumers (i.e. hospital, clinics, etc.) and include this information in column F. We would provide our sources in column G.
In addition, we could highlight 2-3 insights related to the advantages and/or disadvantages of using an EHR system. For each insight, we could 1) describe what it is, 2) explain why it is relevant (why we chose it), and 3) include 2-3 pieces of qualitative or quantitative information to support it. Our regional focus would be the US.