Ecommerce Platforms Research


Identify the top 10 global, web-based e-commerce/payment platforms (such as Shopify), and for each, provide their mission/focus, reach (number of countries/key brands they work with), and revenue. This information will be used to determine which platform a brand should partner with for optimization.

Early Findings


  • Shopify is ranked as one of the top 3 (almost always number 1) e-commerce platforms across a variety of sources because of its easy-to-use software and analytics program.
  • Shopify currently hosts more than 400,000 merchants globally, many of which are high-volume and/or Fortune 500 companies.
  • The Shopify platform also offers its own Shopify App Store that includes more than 3,200 apps for users to access to make their online store competitive and successful.


  • BigCommerce is a publicly-traded company via Nasdaq that allows brands to start online e-commerce platforms and manage payments at the same time.
  • BigCommerce has processed more than $17 billion in merchant sales since starting in 2009, and they also offer Google Analytics and Adwords built-in.


  • WooCommerce, which is estimated to hold 28% of all online stores in the world, is known for its work with web developers since the system uses WordPress.



The attached spreadsheet is where all of the above information, as well as future content based on the option selected below, will be provided.

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