US Christian News/Media/Journalism MarketM: Major Players in Content & Distribution


To identify major players in the US Christian news/media/journalism market in both content viewership and distribution.

Early Findings

  • Major US Christian news/media/journalism sources with an online presence include:
  • Christian Headlines provides Christian content in print. The site features blogs, news articles covering current events and breaking news, feature articles, and guest commentaries/opinion pieces.
  • Christian World News (CBN) provides Christian content in print, videos, and podcasts. The site covers the news as well as a range of other topics relevant to Christian today including politics, healthy living, and entertainment.
  • Christianity Today provides content in print and podcasts. The site features current news/events, regular topics relevant to Christians today, and a magazine that is available both online and in print.
  • There are over "100 Christian Youtube Channels for Catholic, Church, Jesus & Bible Lovers" being watched daily. This feedspot page lists and provides details, including the number of followers for the ones it considers the top 100.
  • Publisher's Weekly, a group dedicated to helping authors get their work printed or self-printed is hosting a month-long online event and workshop series that will feature talks by some of the biggest names in Christian printing.

  • Some trends/emerging trends in Christian media, news, and journalism include
  • Using Christian media to engage cultural change to help shape people's worldviews to include faith.
  • The rise in the consumption of content in formats other than traditional print, such as audiobooks and podcasts.
  • Christian and religious or spiritual books being written by authors who don't possess theological authority but write books with "real person insight" that are being well-received.

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