Impact Reports


To determine the characteristics of a good impact report and any specific elements that policymakers, governments, and other organizations look for in them. This information will be used to inform the UX and story of a website.

Early Findings

Impact Reports

  • A Social Impact Report is defined as "is a communication strategy used to convey the change created by an organization or activity, and how that change was created. An impact report is not just a description of the stakeholder activities affecting the change because it also should include analyses about how much difference happened."
  • Effective impact reports are completed on a regular basis and involve the stakeholders (asset owners, asset managers, assets).
  • An effective report will give the beneficiary a voice by discussing outcomes instead of just outputs, using a combination of established and customized frameworks. The results are supported by evidence while being transparent while by transparent regarding any negative outcomes.
  • Good impact reports tell donors that their money is being used to good effect.


  • There is a considerable amount of information available from credible sources on this subject matter. There are also numerous examples of good social impact reports.

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