Research Outline

Manager To VP- Best Practices


Find or create one case study that describes the pain points around the career and ambitions of director-level executives, especially as they look to moving to VP-level positions.

Early Findings

After a thorough search, we were unable to identify a case study of a director-level employee being promoted to Vice President. However, we were able to find enough information from multiple sources to identify some pain points in making this transition as well as to identify ways to successfully get promoted to VP.

Pain Points in Getting Promoted to VP

  • One pain point in moving from director to VP is learning to delegate.
  • People at the director level working to move to VP also struggled with relying too much on their past performance when interviewing for the role of VP. Past performance, however important to getting the interview, was not what illustrated readiness to move to the VP position.
  • One additional career pain point was assuming that the skills necessary for the current position are the same skills that will move one into the next position, and waiting until they get promoted to learn any new skills.
  • Finally, some directors struggle during the interview for VP as they are not prepared and do not utilize each interview question as a way to tell a story that illustrates their broader capabilities.

Strategies for Getting Promoted to VP