Bekaert Fencing


Gain an overview of how manufacturers support and grow sales through agricultural and hobby farm retail chains, in order to create retail-level marketing and support initiatives for Bekaert Fencing

Early Findings

  • One source notes that the key way manufacturers and agricultural retailers can work together is by establishing collaborative business models.
  • Two ways they can collaborate are by working together to improve inventory transparency and establishing more adaptive supply chains.
  • Because agricultural retailers serve as a middleman between manufacturers and growers, they also often serve as the grower’s trusted advisor. With that in mind, manufacturers can reach these growers via building a promotional strategy with the retailer.
  • Manufacturers can also collaborate with agricultural retailers as they give agronomic advice, crop scouting, credit management, custom application, and the sale of crop inputs and protectants.
  • It’s noted that “the corporate arm of ag retail works closely with crop input manufacturers to bulk purchase, distribute and store crop input products throughout numerous locations” which can also be of strategic benefit to manufacturers.
  • Agricultural retailers may also support manufacturers as they develop a digital strategy, as disruptive digital agriculture changes the competitive landscape rapidly.
  • Given the rapid shifts in the current agricultural space, it’s also noted that manufacturers and retailers can also work together to create dynamic product pricing and evolve alongside environmental compliance.

Research proposal:

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