Manufacturing moist towelettes


To understand how to begin the process of starting a moist towelettes business.

Early Findings

  • There are several companies in the US with ability to manufacture moist towelettes. Some of these suppliers even mention bug repellent.
  • For international contractors, Global Sources has dozens of options for manufacturers of individual towelettes. Alibaba has further options.
  • Global Sourcing Specialists is a consulting firm that will help find a manufacturer for a product.
  • According to Business News Daily, choosing a domestic versus international manufacturer comes down to budget, personal preference, type of product and patience.
  • American factories tend to allow smaller batches per order, and some customers view 'made in the USA' as a major selling point.
  • Shopify has an article outlining important considerations and questions when looking for a manufacturer.
  • Foundr gives important tips for using directory websites like Alibaba when looking for an overseas manufacturer.

Proposed next steps:

You need to be the project owner to select a next step.
We recommend compiling a list of the 10 most relevant US manufacturers for an individually-wrapped moist towelette, preferably with the capacity to carry bug repellent. We also propose a separate look at 10 of the most relevant international manufactures. Finally, we also propose a thorough analyst of the best practices and advice to consider when an entrepreneur is looking for a manufacturer for their new product idea.
Alternatively, we could consolidate the research into just find the 10 most relevant (5 domestic, 5 international) manufacturers for an individually-wrapped moist towelette with the capacity to carry bug repellent.