Global Environmental Issues


To get up to speed with information on the global environmental issues relevant to agriculture, aquaculture, animals and brain puzzles i.e., the main environmental challenges that the world is facing today in relation to agriculture, aquaculture, animals and brain puzzles.

Early Findings

1. Climate Change

Impact on Agriculture

Impact on Aquaculture

  • Climate change affects natural habitats for fish and other species. As oceans, freshwater systems, and coast are negatively impacted by rising temperatures and sea levels, the productivity and security of aquaculture are at risk.
  • For instance, fish species such as small wild fish like anchovies and sardines are sensitive to changes in ocean conditions and may not survive in certain conditions.
  • Effects of climate change such as ocean warming and acidification, sea-level rise, adverse changes in water quality, sediment loading, or rapid fluctuations in salinity destroy natural fish habitats.

Impact on Animals

  • Climate change and variability affect animals and birds in various ways. Birds migratory patterns are altered, and reproduction patterns are altered.
  • The distribution of animals is also impacted. Reports indicate that several animal species are facing the threat of extinction due to global warming and other extreme weather conditions, with many species moving closer to the poles as a response to the rise in global temperatures.


  • During the initial research, we found a few insights into the impact of climate change on agriculture, aquaculture, and animals.
  • There seems to be a great deal of information on the requested environmental issues. However, due to time restrictions, we could not provide more information.
  • The research team will, therefore, need more hours of research to develop a comprehensive report while utilizing the suggested sources (reputable environmental groups, such as Environmental Defense Fund, WWF, Friends Of The Earth, and National Resources Defense Council and SDGs) and more.
  • Please proceed to choose one or more of the proposed next steps in the scoping section below.

Research proposal:

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