Research Outline

Maritime AI Tech Investors


To find companies/firms that are investing in maritime AI tech companies in order to aid a fundraising effort.

Early Findings

As we dove into background research on the subject, we discovered the following insights;
  • SF Express, one of the leading courier company in China, recently invested $100 million in Flexport, a software-powered freight forwarder that uses AI in its solution.
  • Founders Fund was the lead investor during the Series A fundraising for Flexport in 2014 when the company was still in its infancy. SoftBank Investment Advisers is another company that led an investment round.
  • PSA unboXed, New Enterprise Associates, and Innovation Endeavors are firms that recently invested in a Series A fundraising for ClearMetal. ClearMetal provides AI-powered insights into the logistics and transportation process for shippers, logistics providers, and retailers.
  • The Junction is another company that invests in maritime tech as the company was the seed investor in Loginno, a maritime tech company based in Israel.
  • Microsoft’s venture arm, M12, lead an $11 million series A fundraising for Nautilus Labs, a company that is building an AI solution that will optimize fleet management and help reduce fuel consumption. Other investors include Quiet Capital, Amplifier Lab, Root Ventures and Trail Mix.

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