Research Outline

Market of City ID Cards


Determine the key providers of identity solutions that also cater to government entities. The data will be used for business expansion.

Early Findings

Identity Solutions Providers

Entrust Datacard


  • Valid provides up-to-date and distinct identity solutions.
  • Valid is based in Brazil but it has subsidiaries in the United States.
  • The company's target vertical market customers include the following: "state government driver’s license, national ID programs, education, healthcare, and local government."
  • Its software features a fully-loaded and modern web-powered platform that covers various identity-related processes such as "capture and data enrollment, biometric analysis and case management, data verification and vetting, and card issuance, and credential lifecycle management."
  • The company also provides data management and business intelligence services.
  • Its solutions also provide "extensible Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for integration into clients’ existing IT environments, or operate as stand-alone products."
  • Other solutions that the company provides include "credential issuance and fulfillment, electronic workflow, instant credential issuance, mobile ID, official identification documents, professional identification cards, smart cities, solutions for ID management, trackable seal management solution, and other tracking solutions."
  • The company aims to enable its clients and users to "identify themselves, connect, communicate and make secure, practical financial and data transactions."
  • The company has a revenue of R$1.7 billion ($410.28 million).