Market of City ID Cards


Obtain information on the cities that are providing city ID cards. The data will be used for business expansion.

Early Findings

City ID Cards

Oakland, California

Richmond, California

  • Richmond's city ID site can be found in this link.
  • Richmond has released city ID cards for its residents last October 2014.
  • The card also functions as a debit card.
  • According to the mayor of the city, the card aims to provide the same services for its inhabitants regardless of their immigration status.
  • The process for obtaining the card will be managed by SF Global LLC at zero cost to the Richmond government.
  • However, the government will still pay for the marketing expenses for the card, related programs, and office space.
  • Fees that are associated with the card include Other fees attached to the card include: "a $1 fee for each additional call after one free customer service call each month; a $1 fee for card-to-card cash transfers; a 50 cent inactivity fee, which stops after 6 months; a 50 cent balance inquiry fee; and a $1 fee when customers withdraw money from a MoneyPass Network ATM after 2 free ATM withdrawals."
  • The city will also shell out an initial amount of $10 or $15 for senior residents.
  • The mayor expected around 5,000 people or around 5% of the city's population to avail of the card within its first year of launch.

RFP or Bidding Documents

Proposed next steps:

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Our next batch of research provided some details on the city ID issued by Oakland and Richmond cities. However, there were no specific tenders, RFPs, or bidding documents found for city ID services in public sources as these can usually be accessed by members only in government databases. Given this, we propose continuing the research to provide additional information on 22 additional cities that have either launched municipal or city ID cards in the past or in the future. For each of the cities listed, we will provide the name of the program and its link, a brief summary of the use or benefits of each card, tender documents available in the public domain, and a summary of each tender document's scope of work if found. If available also, we will provide the budget for the project and the companies that placed a bid or are involved in providing the service.
We also recommend undertaking additional research to provide 5 of the leading players that can provide city ID solutions in the market. We will provide the top ones based on revenue or the number of winning bids if available. For each player identified, we will provide the name, website link, 1-2 sentence overview of the company, why is it a leading player, the technology or service providers that the company is using, and the company's value proposition.
We also propose proceeding with additional research to provide a competitive analysis of the top players that were identified above. For each player, we will provide the name, products or services offerings, competitive advantage, and target market.