Research Outline

Market of City ID Cards


To continue mapping cities that have provided/are providing City ID cards, provide a link to the program and a summary of the project which includes the scope of the work.

Early Findings

Additional Locations

  • Additional states that have launched the City ID program are New Jersey (cities include Newark), Washington DC.
  • The City of Providence in Rhode Island has issues a municipal ID card
  • Baltimore will launch a municipal ID card.
  • Boston is considering launching a municipal ID card and has carried out a feasibility study for the card.

New York City

  • This is a link to the IDNYC program which issues the ID cards.
  • New York launched the IDNYC municipal identification program in 2015. The IDNYC card can be used by all residents of NYC regardless of immigration status. The card can be used to as "proof of identity, an ID for benefits applications and opening bank accounts, and a membership and discount card for services throughout the city"
  • In 2018, IDNYC announced that it was upgrading the card by embedding a smart chip that would enable the card holder to make electronic payments and would also serve as another authentication factor. "The EMV chip will support integration with other government programs such as NYC’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s planned contactless fare payment system and the city public health care system’s medical records database."
  • Furthermore, the card would "allow for payments to private vendors throughout the city, using both contactless and traditional card-reader systems."
  • This is the Request for the Expression of Interest for a financial service provider that was issued by NYC.
  • The technical requirements stated for the upgraded card was that it must have a Smart Chip EMV (dual interface: contact/insert and contactless), a magnetic strip and a card verification value code.
  • Other requirements regarded privacy, account activation, account access and fees, card funding and loading, and customer service.
  • Recently it was announced that it would not be possible to add a smart chip in the IDNYC municipal identification card due to a Council bill that was introduced in September 2019.

Northfield, Minnesota

  • This is the link that provides information on accessing the City ID in Northfield.
  • It provides "the community an alternative identification to access city programs, services, and activities, and provide a means to substantiate a person's identity."