Teaching Children to Read


To obtain the top US players that offer digital and non-digital offerings that teach a child to read. Homer and Hooked on Phonics should be included. For each player, their revenue, product offerings, and recent news is desired. Additionally, a consumer profile that details who buys such a product and what they are willing to spend is needed in order to have a better understanding of the market as a whole.

Early Findings

Programs/Companies That Teach Children to Read

Results of Initial Research

  • The initial research block was spent locating competitors and setting up a spreadsheet for the project.
  • Initial research did not uncover demographic information for this category. Available demographics focused on parents of children as a whole, not just those that would be interested in purchasing a reading program. Broadening the research to include any type of educational program did not prove fruitful. At this point we recommend pivoting the research and focusing on what the above companies charge for their services and compiling an average to give an indicator of what parents spend.
  • It is unlikely we would uncover anything more about the profile of a parent that purchases such a program or service other than they are doing it for enrichment or remediation purposes. According to Kumon, "Whether parents hope to have their early learners reading before kindergarten, are looking for a little extra help for their struggling student or want to give their children a competitive advantage in the classroom, there are many reasons why parents seek out academic enrichment programs. " It is likely that additional research would uncover more general statements like this, but would not locate any real data points to back up the research.

Proposed next steps:

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