US Millennial Christians


To explore the content consumption habits and preferences of US Millennial Christians in order to inform the client’s knowledge of this market.

Early Findings

Who They Are

  • In America, 56% of younger Millennials identify as Christian, with 16% of these identifying as Catholic and 36% identifying as Protestant (evangelical, mainline, or historically black). Only 2% identify as Mormon, while 1% identify as Orthodox Christian, Jehovah’s Witnesses, or “other Christian.”
  • In 1986, a mere 10% of US adults had no religious affiliation; in 2018, a full 35% of Americans hold no particular affiliation, with 35% of those being Millennials. This religious exodus does not just apply to the Christian faith, however, as other religions (like Judaism) have also seen a decrease in followers, especially of the Millennial age.

Where They Get Their Content

  • Of young Millennials (ages 18 – 29) identifying as Christian, only 18% attend a weekly prayer, scripture study, or religious education group, while an additional 11% attends one of these groups on a monthly basis. Notably, a quarter of these individuals read scripture at least once a week, while over half (53%) claim to seldomly or never read scripture.
  • To combat the lackadaisical attitude toward religious texts of many of this generation, entrepreneurs like Alabaster are creating things like “the Bible for the Instagram generation” to provide readers with religious texts in the format they most prefer – highly-visual and available online.
  • According to Feedspot rankings, the top 5 “Millennial Christian Blogs, Websites, and Newsletters in 2019” include: [1] The Millennial Blog, a blog featuring “world-class Catholic opinion and analysis on the most pressing issues of our times in politics, religion, and culture.” // [2] The Millennial Christian, a blog including articles for non-regular church attendees. // [3] Come As You Are, a “cooperative project committed to re-imaging Bible stories in the 21st century.” // [4] The Millennial Pastor Blog, which helps readers “struggle together to be the ‘church’ in this new world.” // and [5] Enough, a blog for Millennial Christian females.
  • Millennials love their podcasts, and Crosswalk identifies the top 5 podcasts for Christians in the US today: Harvest – Greg Laurie Audio, The Way Home with Dan Darling, Truth’s Table, The Briefing with Albert Mohler, and Pass the Mic.
  • The top four-of-five websites that rank highest for religious content in the world (for all age groups) include: (a Jehovah’s Witness-based site),,, and These are the same for the US, with the exception of an addition –


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