Market Perception of Wholegrain Digital


To gain a market perception of Wholegrain Digital.

Early Findings

  • Some other companies working in this space are Yoyo Design, Platypus Digital and Torchbox.
  • Platypus, for example, uses a company blog to help decision makers stay informed and maximize their experience. Blog posts are written in a lighthearted, conversational tone, which conveys the approach of friendliness and "we're on your team".
  • Platypus uses cute, cartoon imagery in its marketing. Speaking to its self-appointed adjective of "friendly.
  • Equally, Torchbox also has a blog on its website, though it is more a mix of case studies and advice articles.
  • Recently, Torchbox announced it was transferring 100% of its ownership to an Employee Trust.
  • Yoyo Design's blog is also more a mix. It contains news, advice articles and internal company information.
  • According to MediaBistro, a Digital Marketing Manager needs to have strong leadership skills, good writing skills, adaptability and robust data analysis skills. DMMs need a relentless attitude to be constantly improving their brand.
  • Certifications are considered very important for the DMM role.
  • DMMs and CMOs both have extremely short tenure when compared to other senior roles, though the UK market does have longer tenure than the US. This could mean they do frequent job sites more often than other professionals. They also tend to be younger.
  • 60% of UK CMOs are men.
  • Some places a UK marketing manager could frequent are the MMA (Mobile Marketers Association) website, the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing), Marketing Week magazine and Digital Marketing magazine.

Proposed next steps:

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We recommend a multi-faceted approach to compiling information that will be useful for Wholegrain Digital to understand its market perception. 1) A thorough analysis of what Wholegrain Digital's competitors are doing in their marketing strategy. 2) Compile a persona of Digital Marketing Manager in the UK - including where do they go to stay informed about their profession/industry, what they want from their digital agency and other relevant information to understand who a DMM is and their overall motivations. 3) Compile a persona of a Marketing Director or CMO to include where they go to stay informed about their profession/industry, what they want from their digital agency and any other relevant information to help understand UK CMOs and their overall motivations. 4) An analysis of current perceptions of Wholegrain Digital, from their clients, peers and across a wider audience.