Research Outline

Hotel Booking Values and Margins


To find the average booking value for a tourists in various geographies.

Early Findings

  • According to Trivago, the hotel price index for several SE Asian cities in November 2019 was: Bangkok ($94), Beijing ($105), Hong Kong ($114), Kuala Lumpur ($56), Manila ($95), Seoul ($108), Shanghai ($127), Singapore ($180), Taipei City ($103) and Tokyo ($158).
  • Global data from HotelChamp indicates booking values and margins are higher via direct bookings versus through OTAs.
  • TravelDailyNews indicates OTAs' commissions can be as high as 30%, but no regional information was offered. Commissions for chains tends be between 15-30% but can be higher for smaller hotels.
  • In an article from only a couple months ago, TTR Weekly indicates commissions rates are "up to 25%". This is an Asia-specific publication. Smaller hotels use OTAs for up 90% of their bookings.
  • Bidroom aims to disrupt this by offering no-comissions bookings for the APAC travel market.
  • Hotel Bonanza is also adding properties in Asia. It offers a flat 8% commission rate to all hoteliers.
OTAs are predicted to have a 41% market share in APAC by 2020.