Research Outline

Market research on the online casting industry


To research the online casting industry. Specific insights include the market size (actors and projects that use the services for NY, LA, and the U.S. as a whole), a competitive landscape of the platforms, industry trends, the Total Available Market, customer profiles (actors and film projects that leverage the sites), and information on analytics and data usage that help within the casting space. This will provide general market and competition research for a casting analytics platform startup.

Early Findings


  • Backstage has been launching the careers of performers and actors since the 1960s.
  • It has served as a leading resource for performers to find work.
  • For actors, the online platform full of casting tools allows performers in theater, TV, commercials, films, voiceovers, modeling, and others to develop and manage their careers.
  • For creators and casting directors, Backstage allows them to find the best performers and actors. Over 100,000 international performers submit to projects daily.

Summary of Early Findings

  • We spent the first hour of research trying to determine whether the requested information is publicly available. While most of it is available in the public domain, part of it is not, meaning that all parts of the request cannot be completed.
  • We were unable to find any information that could help with determining the market size of the online casting industry (actors and projects that use these services) for LA, NY, and the U.S. as a whole, and the Total Available Market for the U.S. First, the market size is not readily available from reports and other online research. There is also no means to triangulate this information due to the unavailability of information on users. It is possible that there has not been much concentration on the online casting space since all the information on the market size pertained to the casting industry as a whole.
  • Due to time constraints, we were only able to provide limited information in the early findings.
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