Research Outline

Market Research - Personalized Clothing


To find the psychographic and demographic segmentation of individuals purchasing personalized clothing (patches, iron-on, etc.) which will include data such as geographic location, age, gender, income, online purchasing habits, and sleeping habits. This information is intended to help understand the potential market for a new product.

Early Findings


  • Millennials spend twice as much on apparel annually than other generations.
  • Millennials are shopping online at marketplaces like Amazon, Poshmark, and eBates.
  • Among the 18 and over age group in the US, 29% of their personalized apparel and footwear has been purchased online.
  • According to a survey conducted by YouGov, 37% of consumers aged 18 to 24 had at least some form of personalized clothing.
  • From that same survey, one-third of the 35 to 49 age group also had customized clothing.
  • Patches4Less is a company that sells patches online; 70.58% of its customers are located in the US.
  • Some companies that make and sell clothing patches are Custom Patches, American Patch, and Color Patch.


  • People who visit the Patches4Less website are doing so by searching online first.
  • Individuals are searching online for customer patches or iron on patches.
  • Reddit, YouTube, and Facebook dominate Patches4Less’s website traffic from social.
  • Some interests of Patches4Less consumers include fashion and apparel, jewelry and luxury products, financial planning, and business.