Research Outline

Fruits and Vegetables Research


Inform a new business pitch by performing a top-down analysis on the organic fruits and vegetables market globally, in the EU, and the US, as well as the vertical farming fruits and vegetables market globally, in the EU and the US. For each market and category, the main players, the products, CAGR's, current market sizes, and projected market sizes for 2025 should be provided.

Early Findings

  • The spreadsheet with the initial findings can be accessed here. We have also provided links to the paid research on the spreadsheet, some of which would be able to answer all the questions in a single report.
  • In general, the US dominates the demand for organic fruits and vegetables, followed by Europe and then APAC. Almost 14% of the fruits and vegetables being sold in the US currently are already organic.

Research Strategy

Much of the information requested is provided by paywalled research, as some of the information requested are available from the previews. However, because of the scope of the study, while some triangulation may be possible, the reseach will be reliant on existing studies and their methodology. This means that the forecast for CAGR in 2025, for example, may not be possible. The team has provided information that is as close as possible to that requested (ex. CAGR for 2024 rather than 2025).