Research Outline

FWCP Competitive Landscape


Provide a competitive landscape of competitors of the Frontline Workers Counseling Project in the United States frontline workers (essential workers) free/volunteer therapy services space. For each competitor, provide the name, Website, Description of services, Who is eligible for services?, number of therapists enrolled, Therapist commitment, Location(s), Partner(s) if any, Major donors/supporters (if available), and Notable Press. Data should be provided for Frontline Workers Counseling Project , Project Parachute , Physician Support Line, Therapy Aid Coalition, Covid-19 Counseling CA , Hope4Healers, as well as additional companies in the space.

Early Findings


In our initial search, we provided the partners of Frontline Workers Counseling Project to complete row 3 of the attached spreadsheet. We also added a sources section to the spreadsheet to align the format with our guidelines for research. Our research for this hour was focused on identifying additional competitors in the United States frontline workers (essential workers) free/volunteer therapy services space. We provided 5 additional competitors in rows 9-13 of the attached spreadsheet Columns A-C. Please note that while Talkspace is not a non-profit, we included it due to the services they provide for frontline workers, please make a note if we should remove it from research and shift focus to only non-profits.

Therapy Services

  • PureRXMed : A free, peer-supported platform that helps healthcare workers avoid distress, resignation, burnout, and isolation.
  • Safe Call Now : A 24-hour crisis support line that provides counseling and resources for first responders, emergency services personnel, medical professionals, and their family members.
  • Talkspace : Talkspace is a telehealth counseling platform that offers free therapist-led Facebook support groups, financial assistance for frontline workers, a 16-day anxiety relief program, free mental health tips, and more.
  • EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Program : The Trauma Recovery Network is providing limited free therapy for "first responders, veterans, humanitarian aid workers, and others who have suffered trauma while on the frontlines of the pandemic."
  • COVID-19 Mental Health Forum: A forum of free online seminars that provide therapy resources, support, tips, and evidence-based skills for people who have been mentally affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.