Research Outline

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Market


To identify important companies, firms, or platforms that offer sexual harassment prevention training programs in the United States, and to briefly detail the market landscape.

Early Findings

Initial research shows there are many dozens of training programs for sexual harassment prevention or compliance available nationally or locally in the United States.
  • The Balance Small Business rated the top 8 sexual harassment training programs in the U.S. based on "providers that made clear what employers should expect from their training, including topics to cover, cost, and state compliance", as well as favoring "companies that offered training that is easy to find and purchase online, available nationwide, and able to grant a high degree of flexibility to both employers and employees taking the training." They excluded "small local providers or training companies that only offer customized on-site training" that tended to vary widely on offerings.
  • The top 8 training programs according to The Balance are EasyLlama, Inspired eLearning, Media Partners, HR Classroom, the law firm Bond, Schoeneck & King, ProProfs, and
  • Also, The Balance explains, "There are no explicit federal requirements for employers to provide sexual harassment training. However, training helps ensure that employers comply with OSHA requirements for a safe and productive workplace and also to comply with the Civil Rights Act and other federal laws."
  • "Most sexual harassment training programs start by defining sexual harassment. Programs then discuss the applicable laws that govern sexual harassment for a particular employer. Training courses also typically use real-world scenarios or interactive content to teach employees what is appropriate and inappropriate."
  • Finally, "Most online sexual harassment training programs are priced with per-person licensing fees ranging from $10 to $40 per employee. Training for supervisors is usually $10 to $30 more expensive than basic employee training courses. Programs provided via DVD are typically priced with a flat fee, usually between $250 and $400. Employers that opt for custom or in-person training from local consultants can pay far more, starting at $500 and running into the thousands of dollars."
  • reports, "Six states currently require employers to provide sexual harassment training to their employees: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, and New York. Each state has its own training requirements for who needs to be trained, and how often." Their webpage covering the topic also recommends EasyLlama, HR Classroom, and Inspired eLearning.
  • Open Sesame lists the requirements for each of the 50 States, including the 6 states that legally require sexual harassment training.
  • claims to be "The leader in user-friendly Sexual Harassment Training and Certification ."
  • Small Biz Daily lists ProProfs, Udemy (which offers several different courses on this topic specific to certain aspects), Traliant, Universal Class, and Skillsoft.