Bio vs Non-Bio Laundry Detergent Market Share


To find information on the market share of biological detergents vs non-biological detergents in the United Kingdom.

Early Findings

Laundry Detergent Market in the U.K.

  • According to Persil, biological detergents "contains enzymes that help break down the fatty, greasy, and starchy compounds that are found in some of the most common clothing stains such as pasta sauces, bike oil, and hamburger grease." On the other hand, non-biological detergents do not contain these enzymes and instead contain built-in cleaning power.
  • The top companies in the U.K.'s laundry detergent market include Persil, Ariel, Surf, Bold, Own-Label, Fairy, Vanish, and Daz.
  • Brands such as Persil and Tide offer both bio and non-bio laundry detergents in the U.K. market.
  • According to Statista, the laundry care market in the United Kingdom is expected to reach a value of $2.091 billion in 2020.

Findings Summary

  • A definitive breakdown of the United Kingdom laundry detergent market is not available in the public domain. However, the existing information presented above can be used to estimate the market share of bio and non-bio laundry detergents in the U.K. through triangulation.

Proprietary Research Available

We found some proprietary research from one of our data partners which may be helpful:
  • Laundry Care in the United Kingdom (02/20/2019) - (Euromonitor Internationa, $990.00)
  • Laundry Detergents, Fabric Conditioners and Fabric Care - UK - September 2018 (09/01/2018) - (Mintel, $3,193.85)
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