Research Proposal

Electric Scooters and Motorcycle Market Size - North America


To find the market size and growth for electric scooters and electric motorcycles in North America.

Early Findings

  • The combined market size for North America is $154.8 million in 2018, growing at CAGR 28.4% until 2024. The US holds an 85% market share of the North American market.
  • The North American market is predicted to be worth $675.7 million by 2024.
  • Globally, the 2018 market size was $7.487 billion.
  • This means North America has a smaller market share of 2.1%.
  • Power-wise, the industry segments into <5kWh, 5-10 kWh, 10-15kWh and >15kWh.
  • Globally, the market is growing even faster at 35.8% CAGR. This means growing from 684,000 units to 7.919 million units by 2027.
  • If there 684,000 global units in 2018 and North America is a 2.1% market share by sales, this means an estimated 14,364 units are in North America, growing to 166,299 by 2027.
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