Research Outline

Fish Production: Europe


To obtain the market size of fish production (the number of farmers) in Europe by categry: in-land ponds, at-sea cages, and industrial farms to inform a sensors startup business pitch.

Early Findings


  • According to data collected in 2017, the fishing market in Europe employed 180,000 people. In this same year, the market produced 1.4 million tonnes of aquatic organisms.
  • In 2017, this market produced 6.7 million tonnes of fisheries products. In 2018, this number dropped to 5.3 million tonnes, with the total number of registered vehicles in this region at 81,860. The fleets are diverse, with most no longer than 10 meters long. The average production per boat in 2018 was 19 gross tonnes.
  • Between 2000 and 2014, the EU invested €1.17 billion into the aquaculture sector and between 2014 and 2020, they plan to invest a total €1.72 billion. As the global production of aquaculture increased by 150% since 2000, the production in the EU dropped by 8% by 2016.
  • In 2018, the aquaculture market size was estimated to be US$ 10,345.4 million, with a growth rate of 5.3%.
  • Some key players in this market include "Bakkafrost, Cermaq Group AS, Cooke Aquaculture Inc., Danish Salmon A/S, FIFAX AB, HESY Aquaculture B.V., Lerøy, Mowi ASA, NIRA AS, Selonda Aquaculture SA, Stolt-Nielsen Limited, and Thai Union Group PCL."
  • Aquaculture vary based on function, organism, resources, and the farmer's choice. These include fishponds, fish pens, fish cages, or rice paddies. Implementing tech in this industry has enhanced its sustainability by reducing, reusing, and recycling water.

Summary of our Early Findings

  • Our one-hour research was able to identify some statistics into this industry. We were unable to find the market size by category within this time-frame. Additionally, we were able to find several insights into the market at large and some data for various countries.
  • Based on our early findings, we have drafted the research paths that would add value to the information you are looking for. These paths have been described below.