Research Proposal

Monomer Market Sizing


To identify the U.S. market size (projected) of monomers broken down by product application: coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers, plastics, lubricants, oil gas, and rubber (and/or other applications).

To identify the different types of monomer (acrylic, silane, etc). For each type, determine the market growth rate (projected) and identify which applications each type goes into.

If this information cannot be located readily available/precompiled in existing reports, analyze the growth/performance of Dow Monomers and Arkema Monomers over the past five years

Early Findings

  • "The global ethylene propylene diene monomer market size was valued at USD 3.90 billion in 2017 and is projected to witness a CAGR of 6.5% from 2018 to 2025."
  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Monmers — manufacturing adhesives, coatings, and paints.
  • Acrylate Monomers — "paints and coatings, adhesives and sealants, and polymer plastics such as acrylate polymers, fabrics, and other end-use products."
  • The global acrylate monomers market is expected to see 5.6% CAGR through 2022.

Growth of Dow Monomers

  • According to Dow's most recent annual report (2018) their coatings & performance monomers segment saw a decline in volume in 2018.
  • "Throughout 2017, the Coatings & Performance Monomers reporting unit did not consistently meet expected financial performance targets, primarily due to increasing commoditization in coatings markets and competition, as well as customer consolidation in end markets which reduced growth opportunities. As a result, the Coatings & Performance Monomers reporting unit lowered future revenue and profitability expectations."
  • Dow's coatings & performance monomers segments saw sales of $3.987 billion in 2018.

Growth of Arkema Monomers

  • Arkema's coating solutions (monomers) segment holds a 24% share of the company's sales as of 2018.
  • In 2018 Arkema did €2.120 billion in sales in their coating solutions segment.

Results of Early Findings

  • We were unable to locate market size data pertaining to the U.S. market, as this information is largely paywalled. However, there does appear to be a number of global market size data available pertaining to monomers. However, this data is largely broken up by monomer TYPE rather than application. Despite this, we can continue conducting research to locate any relevant, precompiled data which shows the U.S. or global projected market size and growth rate for various segments within the monomers market (broken down by type and/or application).
  • We can continue to identify different types of monomers and list out the various applications for each as there is plenty of available information on this topic.
  • We determined that Dow's monomers segment falls under their 'Coatings & Performance Monomers' business segment, while Arkema's monomers fall under their 'Coating Solutions' business segment. Based on the availability of information, we can conduct additional research to create a profile for each company that analyzes the growth of these segments over a 5-year span (starting in 2018 and moving backwards) as 2018 is the year the most recent annual report was published for both companies.
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