Research Outline

People-Focused Research Market


To understand the market and market size of data companies such as PitchBook and CB Insights and determine how big the person research part of their business is, who needs their services and how much they are willing to pay in order to evaluate the market size for a new product.

To understand the overall market and market size for companies that provide research on people, specifically detailed briefs on business people that someone might have a relationship with in order to evaluate the market size for a new product.

To understand the market size of people who use analysts and executive assistants to help create meeting briefs and do preparation research before meetings in order to evaluate the market size for a new product.

Early Findings

Our initial research on the people-focused research market for PitchBook and CB Insights revealed these key pieces of information:

People-Focused Research Market:

  • Competitors of Pitchbook and CB Insights include: DueDil, Mattermark, Owler, and Crunchbase.


  • PitchBook is a financial data and software company that uncovers actionable insights and trends hidden within the financial data of more than a million companies and offers solutions in the key areas of: Private market intelligence, Fundraising, Deal sourcing, Due diligence, Business development, Networking, and Deal execution.
  • The topics that are the focus of Pitchbook research include: Companies, Investors, Deals, M&A, Limited Partners, Funds, Financials, Advisors, Professionals, and Debt & Lenders.
  • Of these topics, only the Advisors and Professionals topics specifically target research that is focused on people. For Advisors, they provide data about advisors that are active in VC, PE and M&A that includes completed deals, the clients they serve, and the people on their team. For Professionals, they provide in-depth information that includes their experience, education, board seats, phone number, email address, and LinkedIn profile.
  • "The world's smartest investors, companies, and advisors" need PitchBook to inform their business decisions.
  • PitchBook currently does not have a set pricing model to help determine how much customers might be willing to pay and offers customs quotes instead. However, according to data from 2017, PitchBook had a subscription rate of about $1,500 per month for their customers.

CB Insights

  • CB Insights is a tech market intelligence platform that analyzes millions of data points on venture capital, startups, patents, partnerships and news mentions to provide research in the key areas of: Business Relationships, Collections, Company Mosaic, Earnings Transcripts Analytics, Industry Analytics, Market Map Maker, Market Sizings, and Notes.
  • Of these key research areas, only Business Relationships focuses on people by providing intelligence on partnerships, customers, vendors, alliances and joint ventures that organizations enter into. However, this information does not appear to include detailed personal briefs of people.
  • The clients of CB Insights who need their services are clients who need market intelligence on: corporate innovation, corporate strategy, competitive intelligence/market research, corporate development/M&A, corporate venture capital, venture capital, and investment banks.
  • The currrent pricing of CB Insights services that people are willing to pay ranges from $59, 690 to $265,000 per year.