Research Proposal

Truck Safety Technology Market Size


Understand the market size of truck safety technologies in the United States including products that help manage distracted driving.

Early Findings

Market Size

Truck Safety Statistics

  • According to a report published in 2017, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety estimates that truck safety technology can help prevent 63,000 crashes per year.
  • "Lane departure warning systems can prevent up to 6,372 crashes, 1,342 injuries and 115 deaths each year."
  • "Video-based onboard safety monitoring systems can prevent as many as 63,000 crashes, 17,733 injuries and 293 deaths each year."
  • "Automatic emergency braking can prevent up to 5,294 crashes, 2,753 injuries and 55 deaths each year."
  • "Air disc brakes can prevent up to 2,411 crashes, 1,447 injuries and 37 deaths each year."
  • According to the report, 61% of United States adults feel less safe driving past big trucks than cars.

Key Players In US Car Connectivity Market

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